To ensure a safe level of protection, the Protector™ requires a strict protocol of changing the different filters installed within the mask and PAPR.
During all of the tests conducted on the Protector we made use of the filtes described.
These sets of filters can be acquired through the "ORDER" section of our website


Filters that need to be changed regularly:
  • P3 Filter PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) - every 8 weeks
  • Filter "Seahorse" - Protector™ mask - every week
  • Filters "Trumpet" - Protector™ mask - every week Protector™ | Filter Change Protocol

In this section you will find the protocol for a safe and secure filter change. It is very important to comply with this protocol in order to ensure the correct functioning of the device.



Initiators are active in industry and healthcare. Due to the scarcity of mouth masks in healthcare, they have jointly investigated whether existing protection solutions within the industry can offer an alternative solution. On this basis, the initiators have put together a set, consisting of a PAPR filter that is connected to a snorkel mask via a 3-d printed connector. Updates and new designs will be available here as soon as they are ready and have been tested. Initiators have tested the system themselves and are confident that it will work. However, the system has not been tested or certified and does not have any (safety) standards. Initiators have made an effort to come up with a good solution quickly, but cannot give any guarantee on this. Anyone who wants a guarantee or certainty must have the system tested and standardised by an authorised testing institute.